What is the right tower for you?

With powerful new LEDs on the market, it is tempting to think putting lights on each corner of the truck will save the cost of a tower. However, ½ the light output will always be on the side away from the scene…which is not a great investment for your taxpayers since LEDs are also fairly expensive. Also, light gathers. This is why sporting stadiums have clusters of lights. You can get this same effect by mounting 4 or 6 LEDs on a single tower, giving you the ability to use all the LEDs on whatever side of the truck you need.


The photo here compares the effectiveness of truck mounted perimeter LEDs (one cab mounted Whelen 900 Flush Series with two body mounted Whelen M9’s) to a tower with 6 Whelen PFP2 Heads. You can see how much more powerful the usable light is when all the LEDs are elevated, the light can gather, and can be directed to reach the scene at the best angle.


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Command Light Towers

Command Light manufactures light towers for emergency and utility companies to provide reliable scene lighting.  Quality and durability are of the utmost importance in each and every product.

Many sizes are available for a vast array of vehicles as well as different safety products.  Command Light products are the innovative solutions to the tactical problems that darkness imposes on emergency and utility personnel.

Command Light’s light towers come in many configurations and it can be difficult to find the correct tower for you.  The first step is deciding if you need a AC or DC powered unit.  All Command Light towers are 100% electric, making them maintenance free and more reliable in harsh conditions.

Second which tower base (CL, Knight, Shadow) is best for you?  Command Light’s CL Series are the largest units, with Knight being mid-size down to the compact Shadows.  How big the apparatus is that you will be mounting the unit on? (Command Light has units for large heavy rescue trucks, down to pick-ups and vans.)

All of Command Light’s units are just as reliable and durable as the others.  All come with a industry leading 5 year warranty and are NFPA 1901 compliant and tested to wind speeds of 90 mph.

Finally, lighting.   How much output are you looking for?  LED or quartz halogen?  Would you like to light a single side of a scene or both sides with Command Light’s backlighting option?

Traffic Flow Boards

Drivers are more distracted than ever before. Texting, eating, and other factors have all been involved in emergency personnel injuries and deaths. Grab the attention earlier with bold traffic flow boards that demand the attention of careless by-passers and keep your crews safe.