Command Light’s Traffic Flow Boards can significantly improve your on-scene visibility with their commanding presence and multiple arrow patterns, which in turn keeps road crew safe

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Multiple pattern options in order to take complete control of the traffic around the scene.


Low profile designs for easy storage when not in use.


Rugged stainless steel and aluminum alloys create unparalleled durability keeping crews safe for many years to come.


Rotational units in order to easily be in the face of oncoming traffic while simultaneously using your apparatus in various blocking modes for added safety.

Traffic Flow Boards can come with sizes and features in order to fit your apparatus.

The 7 Series offers more patterns and can be deployed through a vertical popup (v7) or through a low profile fold down design (h7).

The 5 series offers a lighter more compact design.  These patterns can be deployed through a vertical popup (v5) or can be mounted to the back of a CL Series tower (CL5).

Arrow Patterns

Patterns for TFBV7 and TFBH7

Patterns for TFBV5 and TFBCL5

Ruggedly constructed of stainless steel and aluminum alloys, Command Light’s Traffic Flow Boards are an investment in safety that will provide many years of service.  Engineered to stow down for low profile while responding to the incident, the versatile mounting system provides the freedom to select various types of boards that conform to your department’s requirements.

Traffic Flow Boards come standard with a rotation feature that allows the traffic arrows to be positioned to directly face traffic to maximize effectiveness while using your vehicle in various blocking modes.

The “V” models have a patented motion (US Patent #8638209) that allows the visual board to rise vertically from its housing and rotate once it is fully deployed.  This creates the lowest possible profile for transportation and also saves valuable space on emergency vehicles.  “V” models are available in two sizes with two different pattern configurations.

The “H7″ model features the same pattern configurations and size as the “V7″, but folds flat by rotating around a joint at the base.  The “CL5″ is designed with the same pattern configurations as the “V5″, but is designed to be mounted on the back of a CL Series Tower.  With four options to choose from, departments can effectively increase visibility on almost any apparatus.

7 Series
ModelDimensionsWeightPower Requirements
Nested: 43″ x 64″ x 13″
Upright: 75″ x 64″ x 13″
240 lbs12V DC – 7 amps
Nested: 16″ x 60″ x 46″
Upright: 44″ x 60″ x 66″
150 lbs12V DC – 5 amps
5 Series
ModelDimensionsWeightPower Requirements
Nested: 28″ x 44″ x 13″
Upright: 43″ x 44″ x 13″
150 lbs12V DC – 5 amps
Nested: 40″ x 14″ x 15″
Upright: 131″ x 64″ x 44″
28 lbs12V DC – 5 amps
3 Series
ModelDimensionsWeightPower Requirements
Upright: 55″ x 36″ x 23″
Nested: 10″ x 54″ x 23″
8 lbs12V DC – 5 amps
SL Series
ModelDimensionsWeightPower Requirements
Nested: 7″ x 48″ x 40″
Upright: 52″ x 70″ x 40″
28 lbs – 13kg12V DC – 5 amps