Command Light products* come with a industry leading 5 year warranty against any defects in materials and workmanship when used and operated for a period of five years.  If during this time period, you have any malfunctions not related to misuse, accident, neglect, or normal wear and tear, please take the following steps in order to have your light tower serviced under Command Light’s warranty.

  1. Contact us immediately for initial diagnosis and parts if needed at 800-797-7974 or
  2. You will need to have immediate access to light tower.  This process can be done by individuals with little mechanical ability.  (involves pushing buttons and telling us what the light tower is doing or not doing)
  3. We then send parts (if needed) and have a technician dispatched (if needed) with a written work authorization number and a base amount of hours allotted to do repair
  4. We remain available for service support via phone, email, or video conference while technician completes repair, also to extend original time allotted if additional issue arise
  5. Mark repair as completed and validate the work authorization number for hours of labor / travel rates as agreed during diagnosis
  6. Finally, we will pay out or credit the invoice when we receive it from person/company performing the repair

Please make contact with us as soon as problems arise in order to execute our warranty.  We must have knowledge of the issue and a work order in place in order to pay or reimburse the department with the issue.  Any unauthorized service voids this warranty. (No work is authorized until the call is made to us)

Contact Us Early – before any work is done – We’d love to help!

*excludes light producing components (bulbs, lasers, LEDs)  These components come with their own manufacturer warranty.  Contact us and we can help get it.