The CL Series are Command Light’s largest units with a reach of up to 11 feet from its base.  These units are designed for large apparatuses and are manufactured using aircraft grade aluminum alloy to reduce weight while adding strength.


CL Series towers use two actuators to not only raise the lights, but also tilt and rotate them creating an endless number of positions for users to direct light with precise accuracy


Optional Backlighting rotate bottom row of light 180° in order to light both sides of scene


Optional Strobe comes in Green, Red, Amber, or Blue – helps warn traffic and bystanders keeping personnel safe on the scene


Quartz Halogen light fixtures have been proven durable and efficient for years and are a great option for departments that do not have a budget for LED fixtures.

  • full deployment in under 15 seconds
  • continuous 360° rotation
  • 100% electric (no air or hydraulics required)
  • all-weather
  • ability to overhang side of vehicles
  • one touch auto-park
  • umbilical cord with 15 ft cord
  • maintenance free
  • 5 year warranty

Light Options

Most popular lighting options:

  • Hubble – 500-1500w
  • FRC Optimum – 500-1500w

See table below for full specs on these models

Other lighting options available include:

  • FRC Focus – 500-1500w
  • ROM Magnafire – 500-1500w

For full specs on these models, please email

CL Series lights provide more efficient scene lighting than ever before.  The CL Series towers can be put into thousands of different positions with the unique, patented (US Patent #5203621) movement of different sections of the tower.  These positions are deployed within seconds with the press of a button, including Command Light’s unique “street light position.”  When lights have the ability to overhang over the side of a vehicle, it prevents shadows near the side of a vehicle keeping personnel safer.

The towers can rotate 360° and can be tilted, lowered, and raised with ease.  This kind of control makes it possible to keep the lights closer to the scene, as oppose to very high in the air and still light a large scene.  This is an advantage because the higher a light gets in the air, the less intense a light at scene level.

Emergency and utility scenes are multi-dimensional.  With Command Light’s backlighting option, it is possible to light both sides of the scene by rotating the bottom lamp heads 180°.

The CL Series is completely electric and maintenance free.  Operation is done at ground level with a remote control with a 15 ft umbilical cord attached to the control panel located on apparatus.  Full deployment of the CL Series lights is complete in under 15 seconds saving time when seconds can be highly valuable.  Stowing the light is effortless with a one-touch auto-park feature.

The CL Series come with an industry-leading, 5-year warranty.  They can be used in all weather (not affected by ice, high wind, or blowing dust), are NFPA 1901 compliant and have been tested to winds up to 90 MPH.

ModelLightingPower RequirementsTotal Output
(6) Hubbell Quartzliter- 1,500 w
230V AC – 9,500 Watts214,800 lumens
(6) FRC Optimum – 1,500 w230V AC – 9,000 Watts214,800 lumens
(6) Hubbell Quartzliter – 1,000 w230V AC – 6,000 Watts129,000 lumens
(6) FRC Optimum – 1,000 w230V AC – 6,000 Watts129,000 lumens
(6) Hubbell – 750 w115 or 230V AC – 5,000 Watts99,000 lumens
(6) FRC Optimum – 750 w115 or 230V AC – 5,000 Watts96,600 lumens
(6) Hubbell Quartzliter – 500 w115 or 230V AC – 3,000 Watts66,600 lumens
(6) FRC Optimum – 500 w115 or 230V AC – 3,000 Watts63,000 lumens